Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Navy mood: new non platform sandals and new stripes

(Ph. Private)
Black python sandals - BALLY
Belt - GUCCI
White Jeans Jacket - ALL SAINTS (Miami store)

Here I'm back to you, hallo! The last weeks were kinda crazy for my job, so I could only share quickly my ideas and pics about shoes & fashion with the ones that are following me on FB or Instagram (@shoebuzzbyspikeyv), but I couldn't post to this blog as I would have liked... I’m still on the run...but in this post I want to talk you about:

 1.      Slick no platform sandals: after years of platform-all-over we are now in a more fluid scenario where you can still enjoy fashionably the bold and more comfy platforms or go for the 5” heels shoes with no platform. True fashionistas were supposed to get rid of their old platforms last season according to Vogue...mmh, I bet they didn’t like me who I’m continuing to wear both :-) I bought these minimal sandals in black python by Bally* (in these sales) and I’m sporting them easily and fashionably. You could consider to buy non Platform sandals or use again the ones in your closets, if you didn't throw them away some years ago.
2.      Exposed Underwear: did it ever happen to you that a smart sale assistant succeeded in selling you some fabulous (and expensive) underwear flattering you “It’s so chill and sophisticated, you can also use it as a top with a jacket or a cashmere cardigan” and then you find yourself half-naked when you are not at the beach... like me in these pics... where I'm wearing a navy swimsuit by La Perla (very nice indeed and trendy too, I'm planning to use it for my next vacation).
3.       Girl or boyfriend shorts? I’m always curious about new trends... so I tried the new boy-meets-girl fit (the style by J Brand at the right of the picture below), but.... the boyish shorts were bulky and made my hips and legs look  unflattering large... I decided to stay on my girl fit shorts (in the pics above and left on the picture below)... watch out girls, try the new boyfriend fit before adopting it... if you are really thin and androgen it can work, otherwise more feminine styles can fit you much better...


*Bally, who? Many of you maybe don’t know much about this Swiss luxury brand dated back 1851. During these end of season sales I had the chance to buy two pairs of their sandals (with a super discount), both in python, and I’m liking their ladylike and sophisticated look. I also found out that this brand has an amazing tradition on innovation and material research... as an engineer I'm always curious about these topics...  
btw, do you know this fashion trivia?  Who was the shoe manufacturer which collaborated with NASA to develop the boots for the first moonwalk back in 1969? I didn't know it was Bally... Neil Armstrong's  "giant leap for mankind" was taken with boots made with Bally components... click here if you want to read more about Bally.



  1. You look great, the heels are fabulous! As much as I find it hard to wear high heels, I absolutely loathe platform heels, so good riddance!
    And Bally is very famous in France, but I didn't know about the moon boots (ha ha)...

    Mafalda ❤

    1. ha ha ... you are always smart, Mafalda!
      btw.... me neither knew about the moon boots...
      Bonne soirée et bonne nuit
      Spikey V.