Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Perfect Ripped Jeans

Leather biker jacket: BALENCIAGA
Denim shirt: GUCCI
(Perfect) ripped skinny jeans: JBrand by ShopBop
Guerrillera cap: memory of a trip to Cuba
Booties: MIU MIU

This post is to talk you about my new ripped jeans and why I had to copy Chiara Ferragni (the iper-famous fashion blogger, ndr). Yeah, the truth is that I bought these skinnies after seeing her wearing them... I hesitated for a while (of course I don't like to copy like a dummy), but then decided to buy them, they are too perfect not to have them in my fashionista closet.  

As an excuse for this guilt of plagiarism, you have to know:
1) I have been looking for a pair of ripped skinnies for a long, long time, I have some slouchy/tom boy distressed jeans, but, as you know, I do prefer a more feminine style. 
2) I also have a crush on JBrand jeans, their fit is fantastic: slimming but very, very comfy (pretty a rare balance to be found). 
3) I like to show you in my posts what I really like and I'm wearing in my daily life, not only something really original but working well just for a photo post.
4) ...it's almost impossible not copying Chiara from time to time, voluntarily or not, she is very good in wearing everything is new and trendy (and in a massive variety... thanks to all the fashion collaborations/promotions she is doing as part of her job) 

Last Sunday, I styled these skinnies with one of my favorite scarf and green "guerrillera" cap (from a trip to Cuba) plus my leather biker jacket. 

More for you, if you mind: I found these skinnies online at ShopBop (they were less expensive than at Net-a-porter), their delivery from US to Italy was really fast (3 days) and without any customs problem... (which is not always the case when ordering online on a US site for a delivery in Europe).

I hope you like this outfit and my brave outing... ;-)

Spikey V.

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  1. Oh you just look so gorgeous my lovely, perfect look. I'm still waiting for you to teach me how to walk with 11 cm heels btw, I have a wedding in a week!
    Mafalda ❤