Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hedi Is Doing It Right...

Vintage Leather Jacket: PINKO
Shopping Tote: CHANEL
Printed elaphe pumps - Saint Laurent (via Net-A-Porter)

A short post to tell you about my latest pumps by Saint Laurent.... Hedi is really doing it right in freshening up the Saint Laurent brand and making most of their products so cool. Unluckily, Saint Laurent ready-to-wear is still very expensive, while shoes and bags are more "affordable" and a great choice to add a glam and luxurious touch to any of your basic looks, in my opinion.

So during the current end of season sales I went for these pointed printed elaphe pumps. I find them very sexy and feminine, with a rock-chic accent, very high quality and quite comfy too (for being some 11-cm /4 1/4-in stilettos...), much more comfy for sure than Loubies (ops, yes, they are super feminine too, but usually much more hard to wear from day-to-night as I'm used).

Last week I wore them with a red dress and leather jacket, I love them also with skinnies or flared jeans.

Feel free to ask if you want any additional info about these pumps (their pointed-toe shape is the same of other styles in different colors/prints = Paris 105 model). Ah, they really run true to size (which is not usually the case for pointed toes shoes).

Spikey V.


  1. Ciao Bella Morettona,
    Mi piaci, hai stile nel salire le scale.
    Direi: scarpe da Zebra e passo da Puledra di razza.
    Vestitino rosso, very OK!!!
    Facci sognare.
    Baci, Lauro