Sunday, November 30, 2014

Let's Sparkle...

Rock version - Photo by MG
Chic version - Photo by YLS

Golden pumps: ZARA - other designers' option here or here.
Zip Tights: WOLFORD
Faux-leather skinnies: MANGO (last season)

The Holiday Season is approaching and golden pumps can be a great accessory to sparkle in your Christmas and New Year parties. Actually they can be a more versatile item in your closet, than just shoes for parties: you can sport them with more casual outfits to add some extra glam to your day look, matching them for instance with jeans or some leather/faux leather skinnies, as in my picture above.

I went for a budget version by Zara, pretty inexpensive but cool. If you like this style you can also go for some gold killer heels by luxury designers, even more sophisticated (and pricey).

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Spikey V.

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