Monday, March 2, 2015

A Tribute to Shoe Love

Saint Laurent Tribute sandals

I'm always in search of stylish and high impact heels: the higher the better... :-)  As monsieur Louboutin, I do think that high heels empower women in a way.

As my personal birthday gift, I decided to go for some scene stealers: Saint Laurent iconic Tribute sandals. I love their sleek shape and 70s glam (probably my favorite period in Fashion). They are a classic style, yet very trendy, platforms are actually hot again (with thin or thicker heels, as seen in the last run-ways).

I was a little puzzled about the color to choose: Tribute sandals are offered in multiple hues and materials (leather, patent leather, suede...). I didn't want to go for black (I already owns many pairs of blacks and I do think that colorful accessories can add a lot of interest to any outfit), I was tempted first by brown leather: it amplifies the hippy chic/70s vibes of this style, every shades of brown are next season hues and they are perfect for summer... but I like to wear my heels also at night, and   brown is better for days, in my opinion. So I decided to go for the white leather version, pretty delicate, but particularly elegant and more unusual. I'm planning to wear them next summer also in all-white* diva outfits, for instance matched to a white bodycon maxi-dress like the one I recently bought via Styligion.  Stay  tuned for more...

Other notes, if you are planning to go for a pair of Tribute: they run true to size, are very high quality and pretty comfortable for being some sky-high heels.

* White is my favorite color for summer and white/neutrals are pretty trendy too.

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