Friday, January 1, 2016


2015 just finished... As always, I'm feeling a mix of sadness for this year which won't come back again and excitement for the new year and my new projects and expectations.

I'm also thinking about all the people suffering or loosing their lives in this year in Syria, Paris, Beirut...  and hoping we will get a more peaceful and fair World in 2016.

Here some images of my fav moments and looks:

Probably my fav pic of the year.

With puppy at the Varese Lake.

This bag...

Definitely my best boots of 2015: Stuart Weitzman

Fur vest, blue leggings and suede high heels booties.
Doing some shopping in Varese.
My trip to icy NY and Vegas last March.

Diva for one night at Asolo Golf.
My custom bag with these stickers.
My trip to Andalusia last June and stay at Kempinski Bahia.
At work.

Proud for winning this prize at the Buccellati Golf Tournament.

Flower dress and OTK boots ( <3 ).

Stars and stripes.
I love mixing different prints.

Sporty chic at one of my fav restaurant close to home.

My short winter break trip to South Tyrol.

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