Tuesday, June 25, 2013

London Summer Streetstyle and Peter Pan Syndrome

Black and silver Cross Necklace - THE STING
Mini skirt - LA GUAPA
"Caroll" Studded Sandals - ISABEL MARANT
"Ingrid" Studded Leather bag - ROBERTO CAVALLI
Studded neon bracelet - EXCELSIOR MILANO

Summer has finally arrived :-) This is a (basic) streetstyle outfit for these warm days built around two funny and teen* pieces I bought in my last trip to London: a neon stars printed tee and a little cross necklace*, both found at The Sting in Regent's Street, where many trendy, fast fashion stores are located. I matched the tee and necklace with a basic white mini skirt, my studded leather bag and my new studded sandals. Btw... it seems I'm getting along quite well with them, they are not tall like the super heels I'm usually wearing, but they add a special accent to my everyday look. What do you think?

* Am I Peter Pan in my heart as Michael Jackson? no (I hope) I'm not... I just like to dress easy and casual at weekends...

Spikey V.


  1. Ha ragione! Cosce stupende.
    Complimenti e ci aspettiamo di più con la calda estate.

  2. Oh God, I just love these! Good choice indeed.


  3. Hi Mafalda, I'm glad you keep following me :-)
    yeah, these shoes really make a statement. They are not tall, I forced myself in trying something different... and now I'm getting to really like them overtime

  4. As I mentioned on my FB page, the theme of (us) modern Peter Pan would require a much more detailed discussion than the few notes in this post... For sure this social media age, where everybody can play to look younger/older, smarter, cooler... is inflating our more childish and narcisistic ego... ok, the game here is to keep all the beauty of children, love for play and life, lightness, enthusiasm, ingenuity... remembering that also when we are playing we need to respect first others and ourselves... and that this is just a play, we don't need to take ourself too seriously...