Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Best of 2014

This is a short summary of my 2014 in the blogosphere. 

During 2014 I had been very busy, both in my professional and private life, and neglected a little this blog, posting more on Instagram and Facebook, which are more immediate. However, blogging about me and my shoe/fashion passions continues to be a private pleasure of mine. Why? There's of course some flaunting pleasure in showing in public myself, my face, body, and thoughts; there's the fun about engaging with new interesting people  (through IG, for instance, I met some new friends, some of them very  different/far from me, that I'm now in contact with daily). Last but not least, I learned that blogging is also a great way to learn more about myself, other people and what I’m blogging about: i.e., how creative/communicative I am, what other people like/don't like, and, what styles/trends really fit me or not or my style faux pas, what I can improve... 

So I'll keep up with blogging also in this new year, trying to give you my personal perspective about style and fashion trends and insights, as a normal girl ( a working professional, having a private and social life, enjoying some time off, …). Mine is not a sponsored blog: everything I’m posting about really interest me/belong to my own closet.

Follow me, if you like it, I'll be also happy to answer your questions/share more with you.

Finally, reviewing this 2014, I want to thank with all my heart my two (not always volunteer) partners-in-crime in this blogging experience: my fiancé YSL and the little MG, who are the creative mind, photographers, inspirators, critics, patient witnesses... behind many of my posts.


Spikey V.

My fav pic in 2014.
Btw, animalier was one of my fav print too in 2014.

My Best Shoes of 2014

These were my #1 shoes for 2014

These were my #2 shoes for 2014: Saint Laurent zebra pointed pumps, so cool

#3 shoes for 2014: they arrived late in the year, but I really like them

My #4 shoes for 2014 were these golden pumps, again by Zara

#5 shoes: Windsorsmith Puffy chunky platforms: I wore them all last Summer long
Street-style girl
When off-duty, I like to go for street-style, rock-chic
Some other favorites in 2014: great ripped jeans by J Brand and leather jacket by Balenciaga

Gipsy Spikey V. 
Leaving Miami last March

Praslin - The beach and sea just in front of my hotel room

Me in Praslin. No other caption needed.

Short November trip to Barcelona 

Pretty tired, but happy in Barcelona...

Exploring some Fall - Winter trends
Frayed up

Boots and leggings at the Lake

The Coat trend, fitted and feminine as in my style.

With my Borsalino fedora: the right accessory can add so much to your style
                                                          Party Girl

I like to dress up for parties. One of my favorite brands in this case is Mangano: they provide a rich, very feminine and pretty affordable collection of evening dresses (with lace, feathers, frays and other eye-catching couture details). 
NYE 2014: Lace and feathers Mangano Dress
NY2015: again with a Mangano dress, long, with lace in pure Morticia Addams style

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