Sunday, January 4, 2015

Litas: It's Love or Hate

Biker jeans: J BRAND
Shirt: MANGO
Scarf: ALTEA

This post is my review about Jeffrey Campbell's "Lita" platform booties. 

I'm a serial shoe collector, but I had been resisting fiercely to the Lita mania, considering them too over-exposed (every blogger/girl and their mother was showing off them...). Lately, since they are really standing the test of time and have become a style classic* I decided to go for the Litas and found a version in gray suede, which is very urban and stylish, and less "harsh" than the more common  one in black leather/wooden heel (which is a little too much also for me :-) ). I'm really happy about them: I'm always looking for heels that I can walk comfortably with and they are actually pretty comfortable.

Some notes if you are planning to go for these fashionista heels:

1) They run true to size or even larger, their foot base is pretty wide
2) They are really tall (13 cm heel with a 5cm platform), but thanks to their inner platform and chunky heels they are pretty comfortable to walk with (you just need to watch your steps and a little balance).
3) They are not a shoe for every body type, occasion, ... think if they really fit your style before buying them.
4) Have fun with them! With their volume and height, Litas are really pretty extreme and made for posing in. I try to sport them with "nonchalance" and sense of humour as if they were not some bold towering heels. I like to keep the rest of my outfit pretty basic and stylish, as in the shots above to avoid extra-chunkiness/harshness. Other people will look at you in any case, they are a really a catching-eye model, trust me.

First introduced in 2010, the Lita was initially offered in mustard yellow, but has since been produced in more than 150 different colors and about 65 different versions so far. Here for more.

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