Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Her Majesty of Shoegasm (ENG)

Shoes with handcuffs and keys to open them... Erotically fetish, but stylish... What do you think?
"Wow!" I thought looking at them "Jimmy CHOO truly deserves the title of Her Majesty of Shoegasm!"

(as a note Shoegasm is a term originated by Carrie in Sex and the City to describe the sexual pleasure you get from buying/wearing/ or just looking at a sassy pair of shoes _at least for Carrie and all the shoe addicts like me_ )

Shoegasm, I was telling you... no doubts, these are really shoes for a woman who likes to play with seduction and power. This is not by chance, btw: Sandra Choi, Jimmy Choo's creative director declared she was heavily inspired by Helmut Newton’s photography for her FW13 collection to which these shoes belong "As I drew, I could not take my mind off Helmut Newton's artworks. His camera was often indulging on his model's legs and ankles. Newton has always shown almost fetishistic obsession for the female body, but his subjects are never portrayed as vulnerable beings. On the contrary, each model was always looking strong, powerful and in control."
But it's the ability to play gracefully with hard and fetish symbols such as handcuffs, making them funny and easy that strikes me the most about these shoes. If you are a Choo nerd you could enjoy this recent interview where Sandra explains her image of the JC woman, as a woman who likes to evolve with time and fashion, but likes also to have fun.

Handcuffs will be used also in some bags of the JC FW13 collection, like in the Ally clutch in the photo below.

Seduction, power and fun? I already made up my mind, I'll put diligently myself in a line and pre-order the Desire shoes in red as soon as the pre-orders will open ...

Spikey V.


  1. sei proprio una tipa da ammanettare.
    E se fossi ammenettata, lo so io che ti farei...
    Brava, continua a stupirci.

  2. These handcuff pumps are now [August 2013] available online and in some stores (not in my size yet :-( ). For FW13 they will be produced only in black and in two heel measures (120mm/4.7" and 85mm"/3.3") and flats. Check it out: http://www.jimmychoo.com/autumn-winter-13/devote/invt/132devotebela