Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rockstud Love Story (ENG)

 (Ph. Private)
Leather Jacket - PINKO
Silver bracelet - TIFFANY

With Rockstud it was love at first sight... A true love, of those where:

·    The first time you see each other… bum! your heart begins to beat fast, everything disappears at once and you see only the other person (the first time I saw Rockstuds in a (cool) outfit, my attention was draught entirely by them),

·    then you pretend not to care, but you continue to look after who stole your heart (Rockstuds keeping to be seen by me at the feet of VIPs, fashion bloggers and victims around the globe, me continuing to learn about them, models, colors, prices, everything…)

·    later you struggle under the doubts of love (for those of the flesh and bone kind “Did she/he notice me? “is she/he attracted by me?” or “he didn’t reply my sms, he/she is a bastard!”, etc. … with  Rockstuds it was “uh, with those pointy toes they should be very uncomfortable…“bah, everyone wears them, they are not so original and they cost like crazy”, etc. etc.)

·    in any case you can’t but continue to think about your heart raper (“I heard about the new Rockstud red carpet version, quite new!” “uhm the new naked models… mmmh, I’m not sure, I prefer the classic ones”, etc. etc.)

·     then finally you meet your beloved (in the case of Rockstuds you try them and it’s done… you understand they are really special, a unique contrast of ladylike and rock attitude and they are really comfortable too! “Fab shoes that don’t make you suffer like an ancient Chinese girl subject to (cruel) foot binding?”

·         “I must have them!” ...true love always wins… I ordered Rockstuds online…

Okay, okay, I know... in this time we are really bothered by an hyperbolic communication, where every new trend or fashion are defined as “cult, definitive, fantastic, genial, gorgeous, iconic, iper-cool, must-have, super trendy, unbelievably sexy …” (if you are interested to learn more about this plague, maybe you can read this article, recently mentioned by the ironic (she’s half English) and smart blogger Camille Charrière. So why the hell talking about true love for Rockstuds? I wouldn’t be a shoe addict, I suppose, if I wouldn’t adore shoes… and, more seriously, Rockstuds truly deserve some love… they do have character, oh yes, and are really eye-catching (every time I wore them I was stopped by people who thought that Rockstuds were just the coolest thing since sliced bread), and they mix ladylike elegance with contemporary attitude, they feature “hot” elements such as slim pointy toes, stiletto heels and studs, they are also very adaptable (they add appeal to each outfit, both formal or more street)… okay, I stop here, but, you know, lovers always talk too much… ;-)
Here some practical advices for you:

· Rockstuds are available in many styles (slingbacks, decolletes, flats...), colors and finishes

·         I chose the ivory slingbacks, with 4” heels: I preferred this very ladylike version, perfect for any social occasion and for summer (I love whites and neutral colors on this season, as you can see from my outfit). I had tried also the black model with 2 1/2" heel, the front view was great, but the lateral view not so much in my opinion, as you can see in these photos.

(Ph. private)

·     The ivory calf model I chose is really delicate (patent leather models are more resistant): in order to keep my Rockstuds in great shape I was suggested to cover their soles with a protective layer and their points with some transparent silicone (of course these advises can work for any pointy toe shoes) and finally to polish them with some neutral shoe cream when needed… true love requires many cares and cuddles, does it? ;-)

·     Unlikely many pointed shoes, Rockstuds run very true to size.

And you what do you think? Are you in love too with Rockstuds?

Spikey V.


  1. Absolutely love these shoes, wether in black or ivory, they are SOOOO sexy!

    1. I can't but agree, Mafalda! Welcome to my blog, my focus is on (sexy) heels, so I hope you'll find more to enjoy...